crop top goth

hellcats in tight pants running in packs hunting down any girl who dares defy their jungle code

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this is what i wore to the frank ocean show last friday night (which was AMAZING, thanks for asking). about a million people asked if this dress was from AA (which it’s not) and i got a tiny blurp of satisfaction every time i got that question because of all of my sorry,-we-don’t-sell-to-your-kind memories due to stupid AA staff/dov charney, the devil/that crappy store. also, these tights aren’t supposed to be two-tone but the control-top bullshit is so overwhelming that i just yank that shit down and pretend the tights are both black and grey. when you can see it in the light, it gives a rad knee sock visual effect.

tight ass dress — ASOS

two-tone tights — target

golf creepers — buffalo xxxchange

coyote tooth earrings — miss mary hannah

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